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Make your dream truck more practical

If you have the truck you always wanted but need it altered for rocky hillside driving, we can use a lift kit to raise your truck for larger tire installation.


Raise your vehicle for less

A lift kit is the most cost effective way to raise your vehicle. So whether you want to raise it for practical purposes or because you just like the look, we can do it for you at an affordable price.

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Get larger tires on your vehicle

To make room for larger tires on your vehicle, we have lift kits for you. Don’t put off getting the tires you want any longer because your car isn’t big enough. Along with larger tires, you’ll also get higher ground clearance.

If you are a Truck/SUV owner and/or an off-road enthusiast and want to improve your truck's appearance and performance with a lift kit- please come see us to discuss what options are best for you. We can install a body lift kit or a suspension lift kit which will add style, clearance and allow you to add bigger tires.

SUSPENSION LIFT AND LEVELING KITS: Ranging from 2" to 6" kits. Suspension kits use a system of springs or brackets, which are used to raise a vehicle by lifting the engine, power train, frame and body above its wheel.

BODY LIFTS AND BLOCK KITS: Truck body lift kits raise a vehicle by suspending the body alone above the frame. Most body lifts are done to support a larger tire frame. By inserting a block between the factory rear leaf springs and the axle, you can raise a vehicle while maintaining the factory stance.

ADD-A-LEAFS: By adding these to your existing leaf springs, you'll find an economical lift solution and also increase your load capacity. If the rear of your vehicle is sagging due to added weight, and your headlights are lighting up treetops, adding leafs to your leaf springs will take care of that.

LEAF SPRINGS: By adding leaf springs to your ride you can get an increase in lift of about 2". A rear leaf spring can enhance ride quality and eliminate fatigue from load stress.

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